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We are made for mobile. Fans can connect to your creative content from a huge range of mobile devices across Africa - we cater to over 3000 different handsets.
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Bozza connects you and your work to audiences in Africa & beyond; you bring your creative talent and your hustle. You can also sell your work via an SMS sales code in South Africa.
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Get industry tips, mentorship messages and advice from established players in the industry. Be part of the Bozza circle.
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M.U.S.H.E : Success Story

Salute Mushe! Mushe was the winner of our very first Dropzone contest. Since his win, Mushe has had his track mixed and mastered by Bozza producers and has been listed on 12 radio stations. He also received a digital distribution deal and sells his work on over 50 digital stores, mobile networks and SMS sales.

Mushe is a rising star and we are with him all the way. Now that's Bozza! You can view Mushe's profile here: to follow his progress and you can buy his track "Get Down" on iTunes.

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Learn From Legends Video

Multi-award winning South African Kwaito singer, Mandoza, made his mark in the early local scene of the nineties. First finding fame with star Kwaito group, Chizkop, Mandoza launched his very successful solo career in 1999.

His debut album, "Nkalata" went platinum, making Mandoza a household name and an inspiration to a number of budding Kwaito acts. With numerous hits under his belt, Mandoza's skill, energy and powerful delivery has made him one of Africa's favourite performers, both recorded and live.

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What is Bozza?

Bozza is a plug & play solution for the musicians, poets, photographers & film makers of Africa. Content creators promote and sell their creative content through our mobilefriendly digital portal, building fans and fame throughout Africa and the world.

Create your profile, connect your fans and make your star rise. The Bozza platform and service is straightforward and FREE. You retain the rights to ALL your creative content. Bozza only takes a small percentage when your digital products have been sold. No sales, no fees.

Distribute & sell...

Distribute & sell your digital content to a hungry mobile audience.

Through Bozza, your fans will be able to access & buy your creative products on desktop computers & 3000 types of mobile devices, both new & old.

Let Bozza help you seed your talent through our world wide partnerships. We don't take payment unless a deal is made.