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Can I sell content on Bozza?

From the third quarter of 2015 you will be able to sell your content directly on Bozza to anyone in Africa and around the world. Fans will be able to listen to or watch your content and download tracks and videos, using our integrated payment gateway designed for mobile users and content.

For now, we are inviting all artists to sell digital content via an SMS sales code in South Africa.

Interested? Start by creating a Bozza profile at and then uploading at least 3 pieces of promotional content (video, music, text or photos).

Next, email your sales content to Remember to include the words 'SMS SALES' and your Bozza username in the email subject line.

A Bozza team member will setup your SMS sales code for you and communicate with you when your content is ready for sale.

Remember to let your community know when your sales code is live.

More information about SMS sales (revenue splits, payouts etc)

What about promotion and reaching my audiences?

We promote and feature content on Bozza through our digital marketing channels targeting the diverse audience on Bozza. We also have a number of strategic content partners in Africa to whom we seed amazing Bozza content.

Our partners range from local TV stations to internet sites, and they are all hungry to showcase African creativity.

We curate the most vibrant and most relevant content for these platforms to embed and broadcast. This helps hype you and your content to a greater fanbase.

Remember, quality music and video files go a long way.

What else do I need to know?

You are the tastemakers of Africa.

Hustle is rewarded.

Artists who shout out to their social media communities when they upload get more views and fans.

More fans means more popularity and attention.

And the more attention your content gets, the more benefits, support and revenue opportunities you can unlock from Bozza and our partners.

How will I get paid and when?

• Digital revenues are split 70/30 in favour of the content creator/label/owner (after costs).

• We will issue all content creators/labels/owners with weekly reports once your work is in a revenue pipeline.

• We will pay our South Africa-based artists as soon as their sales account balance exceeds $10 (USD). Artists based in other countries will be payed once their sales account balance exceeds $100 (USD).

• We will pay directly into your bank account.

More information about SMS sales (revenue splits, payouts etc)

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